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Commission Music
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Wednesday, 31 December 2003

In with the new

New Years Eve Party 411

I am posting this from my shiny new laptop! oooh!

I'm downloading the new xcode developer kit. It's abbout 600 megabytes. Then I can do a nice SuperCollider update. the version of SuperCollider that I brought home on my pocket disk seems to kind of work. Perhpas there is just a bug in my program. It will play samples of Dubya (aka "asswhistle." Who came up with that?) saying things about terrorism, but it crashes when I try to play samples of someone talking about "we must take seriously the idea of an organized violent uprising of women against men." I need to send a working version of this project to the author of that phrase and it would be nice if it didn't crash on her part, especially since her part is the best part.

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