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Monday, 8 December 2003

Kucinich vs. Dean

Issue by issue.

It's the primary. Vote for the person who you agree with most. If you want to vote for somebody who is not a liberal, then go ahead. Then, if you're a democrat, vote for whoever wins the primary when the general election comes around. It's just the primary. If 'anybody but Bush" is your motto, well, you can compromise your ethics in the general election, instead of starting now. If you simply support who you think will "win," you can't complain when they don't represent your interests.

I don't care. I'm just procrastinating. I have a piece of music due Wed (mostly done. Needs to be fine-tuned for 4 channels of audio), A half hour presentation on La Koro Sutro on thursday, which I haven't started preparing for, and A ten page paper due friday, for which I have just used google to translate all of my primary source material from French to english. That alone is 23 pages. there may be something very interesting in there about Ascention sunday, but there might not be. at the very least, there are a lot of pauses for trumpet playing.

I do care, actually. the more I know about Dean, the less I like him. I wish that the Greens weren't the "major" leftist party in the US. We have the conservative party and the ultra-conservative party. Plutocrats rule this country and settling for a less bad plutocrat just to get out the current despot is a defeatist strategy. We need to work for a progressive government, rather than celebrating if we get one that is less bad. which is why I want Kucinich to be President 2004.

mostly, i want to be where Christi is, instead of in the snowy, cold, dark, grumpy New england where Christi is not.

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