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Monday 15 December 2003

Lou Harrison biography

There exists a biography of Lou Harrison, which was written during his lifetime. It makes him out to be something of a saint, but this is perfectly alright because everyone makes him out to be something of a saint, and with good reason. the biography has an extremely good articles about his tuning systems and how he built gamelans and stuff. when I did my presentation on La Koro sutro, I borrowed the biography because I knew it would contain information on the tuning system of the piece and indeed, it did, which I then used in my report.

Well, at the beginning of the semester, i was assigned to read the biography and report back on it. The teacher told us that when responding to an author's viewpoint about a work, we should "take them on." So my report was about the weakest areas of the biography instead of the strongest areas. apparently, I misunderstood what it meant to "take them on." but, despite being somewhat off-track, this was ok and I got to educate my fellow grad students on Esperanto.

The teacher of the seminar just sent me email saying that he'd talked to Lou's biographer about what I said about Esperanto and she wants my notes.

pretty cool, if you ask me.

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