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Wednesday 10 December 2003

Universal Healthcare

Dean is right. Universal healthcare is a moral imparative.

Well, he didn't actually say it that way. In fact, when he was asked about UHC, he said he's "not your guy." His "position paper," (which is actually just a flyer and has a larger picture of him than a discussion of any issues) says his plan will offer healthcare to every unisures American for cheaper. that doesn't mean "healthcare for everybody." That means, "buy your own."

I really don't want to turn this into a Dean-bashing blog. Dean would still be better than Bush. Hell, the stuff growing in my fridge would be better than Bush. the only thing worse than bush would be Joe Lieberman. but if you think Dean's going to get you UHC, well, he's not. He doesn't want to. and if you think he's going to be pro- freedom to marry, well, he's not. He says "civil unions" (he won't even go as far as marriage) are a states rights issue. That's like saying that integration is a states rights issue.

I'm not saying he never did anything for gay people. Civil unions are a nice little seperate but equal system. It is seperate. It is equal. And the "but" still applies, as it doesn't have the nice federal rights or mobility of real marriage. and I'm sure his healthcare system is better than Bush's. But it's not UHC and it's not equal rights.

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