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Tuesday, 13 January 2004

Kucinich in the news

I got email from his campaign a couple of days ago asking if I and others on his list would call people in Iowa. There was a link to click for a phone list and another link for a phone script. This guy is seriously grassroots. everything he does, he does with the support of people. Not plutocrats or mega corps, but dedicated people who rally to his message of peace and hope. It's rare that a politician gives a reason for hope. Rarely do they have the honesty. Nader's got it (hearing him speak is incredible) and Kucinich has got it.

Some dems hate Nader because it's easier to blame him than widespread election fraud. Those Nader-haters should love Kucinich because he can draw all the traitorous leftists back to the party. A huge number of people didn't bother to vote last cycle. Gore failed to sufficiently differentiate himself from Bush and many folks concluded that it didn't matter which of the two evils that they voted for. And, of course, voting for a third party would be "throwing away" a vote. Well, here's a guy that has a real difference who can bring back disaffected voters and who, as a major party guy, is not a throw-away vote.

Kucinich is the best hope for progressives and the best hope for the Democratic party and a real pacifist, the best hope for the world. We owe it to the world and future generations and to ourselves to at least try to get a progressive into office. Kucinich can win, more than Dean can win or any other dem can win. Kucinich is our best hope.

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