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Friday, 16 January 2004

one vote short of a tie

talked to more neighbors yesterday. two units agreed to abstain. two more said they would be fine with the temporary structure remaining. so i just need one more vote. but i should have more to be on the safe side. and of course, everything could go terribly wrong at the meeting.

the two abstaining units, both owned by the same person, didn't want to side with me against the whole compound. they voted last night at a proxy meeting, so i can't go back to them and say they'd be in the majority if they sided with me.

i dunno if i can get the one more vote. i talked to all the mellow people first.

yesterday was the deadline for applications to the Bang on a Can summer session, which I guess I will not be attending. Dunno what I'll be doing this summer. I want to go to the Michigan Womyns Music Festival. And the Deep Listening Retreat. And I guess I'll get a job and write some tunes. Which coast will I be on? dunno. know nothing.

leaving here sunday morning. If you are an east coast reader and want to give me a ride from the hartford airport around 9:00 sunday night, contact me for details! You could get onion rings out of the deal!

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