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Wednesday 21 January 2004

Quick call for comments

The hoa is meeting tonight. i'm emailing a letter to the president this afternoon

Dear Members of the HOA,

This letter concerns the temporary structure in the backyard of Unit N. As implied, this structure is intended to be temporary. Ellen Fullman is occupying my unit while I am away for graduate school. I will graduate in May 2005 and dismantle the structure when I return. Ms. Fullman is an internationally known composer and the inventor of the Long String Instrument. When I offered her use of my unit, she said it was too short for her instrument and we came upon the idea of extending the instrument into the backyard.

Ms. Fullman has performed around the United States and Europe. In 2001, in San Francisco, she premiered a 45 minute piece that she wrote for her instrument and the Kronos Quartet. She was recently featured in the cover story of MusicWorks magazine. I feel that her work is both important and incredible. Having use of the temporary structure enables her to continue this work while she stays in Berkeley.

We are willing to be flexible and to take any action that the HOA deems necessary, up to and including the immediate demolition of the structure. Should the HOA decide to allow the structure to stay up for the next 16 months, I am willing to assume all liability connected to the structure. I hope that given the temporary nature of the structure and the value of Ms. Fullman's work, the board decides to temporarily allow the structure to remain.

Thank you very much,

I'm considering cutting the middle paragraph, because when we had our "open house" (which nobody came to), the flyer had a bio of Ellen on it. So should I remind them, or should I stop going on about it?

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