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Saturday, 31 January 2004


I stayed up late the night before working on my symphony thingee, which nobody commented on, which must mean that you all hate it as much as i do. I'm thinking maybe i should move some of the brass stuff over to the bassoons or something, cuz brass is loud.

Got too early (well, actually, late, but it seemed too early), to go to the extra session of Ron's Recoridng Culture seminar. He's gone for two weeks, going to china to adopt his daughter and maybe do some skiing. Apparently she's right next to China's largest ski resort. Anyway, I crawled, slug-like to ron's class and than aftwerwards met with Ron and Jascha to discuss TA duties for leading workshops in ron's absence. I'm not at all clear, but I think Jascha is. Spacey normally, now spacey and tired. I think they're supossed to do a mix of some sound file to come up with a CD that they could shuffle play in their room for 24 hours without being driven to suicide. Jascha and I gave them sound files of a german guy playing billiards and some Maggi Payne and Brenda Hutchinson sounds. Maggi's sounds were BART, filtered BARt and something airplane-ish. Brenda's sounds seemed to be a maybe a close miced vacuum cleaner, perhaps and what sounded like it could have been a field recording of the exploratorium, which would be logical, since she works there.

Then, after that and doing some other non-essential stuff, I took a nap from 2:00 pm till nearly 8:00. It took me a long time to wake up. My neighbor knocked on my front door to complain that there was dog poop "all over" the back yard. My front door is broken and will not open. I called the landlord a week ago. She called me back. I didn't return her call. (ok, I just returned her call) Nor have I paid the heating bill, the phone or the electricity. I did however go out a few days ago and fix my cell phone and buy my textbooks. But I haven't read the textbooks enough. I'm behind on my reading for last wednesday, for a class that I skipped. I'm so not on top of things.

[you may wish to skip this paragraph] So I went out to the backyard and found one small piece of neglected poop. Xena is evil. If you walk up to her while she's pooping, she'll stop and then wait until you aren't looking and go someplace else. This is more than you needed to know about poop. As Renee once said, if you're talking about poop, you're a mom. So I went to pick it up and damned if wasn't completely frozen to the ground. I'm not a fan of this "winter" thing. I dug it out with a snow shovel. I've been peering around the backyard today in the daylight, and I'm not sure about this "all over" claim, all though there are a lot of chunks of frozen mud wich might confuse you if you need glasses.

Gay Bar

[This paragraph is ok again] So I ate all the leftovers and some canned soup and then went to Angela's house and then we went to the Polo Club in Hartford. The Polo Club was reccomended by Tom. He's het, but his girlfriend is bi and he's the only person I know who is actually from Connecticut and exists at all outside of the tiny grad community. He'd never been there. He'd go with me, he explained, but it was his 8 month anniversary with his gf and they had to have sex.

Male strippers

So angela and I show up and there's thumping techno music and the guy charging us the cover explains that the drag shows and male strippers have three shows at 11:00, 12:00 and 1:00. oic. The woman checking IDs is clearly a dyke, but the bar is full of boys (duh) and the woman who gets us a table and beers (budweiser) is not a woman.

Gradually, the place begins to fill up and the percentage of females starts to increase. I look around and decide they're either fag hags or straight girls who want to see naked gay boys. I go to pee and there's a conversation about whether getting your stomach surgically reduced is a good diet strategy. "Yeah, but she looks great!"

Angela is getting increasingly excited. It's her first drag show and mine too (unless you count Fairy Butch). Finally, the show starts and out comes a big, bitter, middle aged drag queen. "I'm in so much spandex that if it blows, it will take out the front two rows." she explains. "Four rows!" somebody shouts. "fuck you." she replies.

She starts making fun of the het boy in the audience and then turns to the women I had pegged as het. They're not het. They're all lesbians. I have no gaydar in CT. There were actually a lot of lesbians around. Who knew?

After mocking everyone who is not a gay man, she disappears and the first stripper comes out. He's wearing a police shirt, dark blue pants with handcuffs on them (definitely not police pants, tho), designer sunglasses, and bright, white tennis shoes. He undulated for a while and finally stripped down to small black boxer briefs. Angela kept whispering to me that he was crappy dancer. then he disappeared. The next performer was a man in a gold sequined dress lip synching some song. Angela was so moved that she had tears in her eyes. Actually, I saw many people with tears in her eyes. People kept comming up and tucking dollar bills into her dress or handing them to her. (and by "her" i mean the man in a dress, not angela. pronouns are slippery in drag.)

Then a guy came out in tiny white boxer briefs with a big tub and sat in it and pretended to take a bath while the song "rubber ducky" played. Then her got out of his tub and started stretching and squeezing a big sponge over his head to "rinse off." He removed his briefs and was wearing a white, not quite opaque, g-string. He was happy to see us. I shifted uncomfortably. Guys were stuffing dollars into his g-string, as this was a stripper sort of thing. He held up a towell to his waist and off came the g-string. He was sort of flapping his towel around, tittilatingly. la la la

Then the MC was back, in a blonde wig, wearing several layers of tutu, lip synching to Cindy's Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. She strutted around and revealed her grandma underwear. She caught sight of me and jumped in my lap to give me a lap dance. I was a bit taken aback, so she ground my head into her fake breasts. ack. Angela was falling over laughing. I gave her a dollar afterwards. then the 11:00 show was over. angela wanted to leave to go to the grad party, so we left and did not see the subsequent shows, nor did I talk to any lesbians. alas.

Grad Party

We showed upa round midnight. Everyone was pretty drunk. this one guy was very drunk. I hadn't talked to him since the start of the last semester. He went to wesleyan as an undergrad. Wes boys want to be sincere. They want to be your friend. So he touched my arm gently, perhaps to steady himself, and slurred that he was very sorry to hear of my recent breakup. I explained that I needed a beer right away and got a can of budweiser. It was a budweiser kind of night. I eventually caught up to the party's level of inebraition and was dancing to Abba's Dancing Queen and then It's Raining Men. campiness was all around me, everywhere I went. So we danced to 2:30 in the morning and Deborah explained that one of the astronomy grads, who was not at the party, wants to sleep with me. I have my own pimp now or something.

Tom just emailed me today asking if I want to go to the Polo Club with him tongiht. I think I'll say yes.

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