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Tuesday 10 February 2004

the plan

I'm going to capture all of the bush radio addresses since september 11th and get samples from them of him saying "terrorist." I want to get all of his public pronouncements of "terrorist." since he's so rarely unscripted, it may actually be possible to download all his public pronouncements, since he usually just gives speeches and the white house (probably) archives those. I'm going to be listening to a lot of bush. And then trying to assemble all of the audio. I bet you're glad you're not my housemate (unless you're Aaron, in which case you are my housemate).

class today

I co-lead a TA session on recording stuff in the electronic music studios and the recording studio. actually, it was 9:00 am, so i let Jascha do as much of the talking as possible. I've been told the way to cure my shyness in approaching strangers is to pay a compliment to a stranger every day. this makes me not want to leave my house, so I think I'll start by saying "hi," to strangers. but I won't take candy from them.

My visionaries class will be discussing Joan of Arc on wednesday. Some of the reading makes claims disputed by Regine Pernoud, former head of the Joan of Arc Centre in Orleans. I wish they offered a seminar just on Joan. That would be awesome. We've been reading all these visionaries and they're just odd. there's a whole lot of god talk, obviously. Some folks find Margery Kempe to be annoying because she's extremely repetitive. She's extremely trashy too. I don't find the repetitiveness annoying. Is it because I'm a musician and music thrives on repitition? I don't find the repititiveness annoying.

Wrote some stuff for my SuperCollider tutorial, which will hopefully constitute enough work to cover the two weeks that Ron was gone. If I may be so arrogant, I could put together the whole class project by myself in an afternoon (ok, a weekend), but I'm not sure how much flexibility is required or how much work I should do.

and then

I went to retrieve Xena from India House, but ended up staying for the evening and having my first encounter with what Connecticut terms "Chinese Food." Oh dear, no no no no. The India House denizens were mocking me for my snobbishness in refusing to try local chinese food. I should not allow myself to be swayed so easily.

I'm starting to like the ice that's everywhere. Yeah, it's slippery, but it looks kind of cool and makes very nice cracking sounds when you step on it. Also, if it's very cold out and you kick an ice formation, it makes a very satisfying shattering sound. Like breaking glass but lighter. And nobody cares if you break ice and it won't cut anyone, but if you kick something too thick, it may hurt your foot. Last semester, an undergrad, Dan St. Clair, did a cool installation with sheets of ice shattering and I thought it was impressed, but only now do I get it. I've been trying to think of sonic things to do with ice, but Dan's project covered everything that I can think of so far. He's kind of brilliant.

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