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Thursday, 12 February 2004

Some of my day

Went to the best colloquium of my time at Wesleyan. Korean drummers came and performed. Some of their stuff sounded a lot like house music. It was also at club-type volume. As loud as the Polo Club, for example. Some grad students complained later about the volume and talked about hearing loss. What about people who go dancing? do tey all go deaf? I quit wearing my earplugs because i am a slave to fashion. maybe i should start again. Anyway, the drumming was awesome. it made me want to dance.

then, later, I went to India House where there was an impromptu party, celebrating the coolness of the Colloquium, I guess, and acting as a wake for Leroy (Angela's gerbil) and for Nick Hawkins' relationship with his ex, too I guess. Most of the department came.

Leroy died early this morning of respitory failure stemming from a short illness. A funeral is planned for some time tomorrow, when he will be interned in the Connecticut river.

We toasted him several times and talked about other ways to honor his remains. Tom suggest a funeral pire in the middle of the street, or , failing that, in a parking lot. Several people suggested that instead of dropping him off a bridge into the river, we should put him in a boat and set it on fire, like a Viking funeral. I wanted to have a mourning procession down the street where we carried his remains and maybe played some instruments, but Andrew insisted that we would all be arrested. (Which, really, would just be a cool thing to put in a bio or mention in an interview, since we're all planning on being famous.)

We are however, unrealted to Leroy (god rest his soul), starting a Drone Music Marching Band, which we will call the Drone Core and will have a Drone Major. I will be playing tuba. I knew there was a reason I dragged my sousaphone to CT. Of course, it's really leaky, so it's going to need a lot of gaffing tape on it before it's up to playing a drone. I'm going to drag it to the electronic music studio and start repairs very soon.

the question has always been how to get new audiences to come to concerts. we'll bring the music to them by playing in the student center at lunchtime!

feel excited about this. also have fun plans in store for my b-day. happy happy joy joy

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