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Commission Music
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Saturday, 7 February 2004


field recording of a group recitation of the Apostles Creed or the Nicene Creed, such as is done in the catholic mass. You'd think that with google, I could find such a recording, but I'm having no luck.

So I was looking for some text by Emma Goldman on the connection between power and violence (power is violence, I think) and then I was getting back to my reading of medieval visionaries and i realized that god is all-powerful, which means he's all-violent. Which is why he's running around casting people into hell left and right. I'm sure that if I'd grown up in a fire and brimstone religion instead of namby-pamby catholics, the 'god = violence' thing would seem so suddenly interesting. Or maybe it's the gallon of earl gray tea i drank this afternoon. So I'm thinking of mixing a short text about "power is violence. absolute power is absolute violence" with a group recitation of "all powerful and everliving god" with dubya talking about "war on terror" and the taliban and (mystic) Julian of Norwich's thoughts on sin (everything god made is good, so sin must serve god somehow) and maybe some gunshot noises.

this is for open mic night at the local hippie cafe. who wouldn't want to ponder power, violence and religion while eating cajun tempeh sandwiches?

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