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Tuesday, 16 March 2004


today's word is "asshat," pronounced ass-hat. this is an insult. it can be used with great satisfaction

when i was a senior in highschool, i told the vice principal that if he didn't let me take my gf to prom, that queer nation would have a sit-in in front of the school and that the front page editor of the santa cruz sentinel was anxious to cover it. I said, "and the ACLU told me I should sue you, but I don't want to do that..." in a voice that suggested that all this activism was spinning out of my control and i could end up with a lawsuit in my name against my will. suddenly, it was decided that people could take "friends" to proms instead of merely dates, the compromise I had been suggesting all along. muahahahaha. He had said earlier that some of the students would later marry their dates and since gay marriage isn't allowed.... blah blah blah and that's falling down now too. (my response: um, what if we promise not to get married at prom?)

We live in happy times and the asshats are losing.

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