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Monday, 1 March 2004

Germany Pros and Cons

Ok, I want to do study abroad thing. It was a motivator in applying to Wesleyan. I have visited the institution at which it was held (Read what I said about it at the time). It's an awesome thing. And I was planning to apply after I graduate.

Taking a year off to do it is a different thing tho. I had sort of pictured the year as a possible springboard to Europe, which it would not be if I had to come back to Wesleyan afterwards. I wouldn't graduate until 2006 at the age of 30. Aaron says he would take over my lease. Since it would only be a year, I guess I'd find temporary shelter for Xena. But I would come back and have virtually no friends, since almost everyone I know would have graduated. Any contacts I made in the EU would have to be put on hold for a year so I could come back and take classes and do my thesis.

It would, on the other hand, put me a lot closer to Christi, which is enough to motivate me to do it next year, if she wants me to. Application deadline could be pushed back to the end of spring break.

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