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Commission Music
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Thursday, 25 March 2004

still more faq

see questions 1 - 2 and 3 - 8

  1. How was your break?
  2. Is that good?
  3. How's school? How do you like Wesleyan?
    School is cool.
    Teachers are great. classes are useful. i'm writing a lot of music.
  4. what are you going to do after you graduate?
    Um... I dunno. I might do the german exachange program. I think I will. After that, I dunno. Look for a teaching job? Get a PhD? Go back to work for the computer industry?
  5. What Cds did you order?
    Movement By: Gossip
    Geogaddi By: Boards of Canada
    Fever To Tell By: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Amnesiac By: Radiohead
    Hail To The Thief By: Radiohead
    Draft 7.30 By: Autechre
    Additional records will have to wait until I get to Amoeba where I can buy them used for cheeper.
  6. What times can I call you?
    10 am to midnight eastern standard time. If you know i'm awake after midnight, cuz i'm responding to email or something, you can call me later.

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