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Monday, 22 March 2004


I just got xena back from her dog sitter. she stayed with a music dept secretary for about 2 - 2.5 weeks. I picked her up this afternoon. she was moderately happy to see me, but also bored in the way she is these days. *yawn*. Deb, the sitter, though, was nearly overwrought. She told Xena a bunch of times that she loved her. Told me to bring Xena back for a visit. Told me how great Xena is. Clearly did not wish to be parted from my dog.

which brings me to the problem of this summer. My current plan is to disappear from CT as soon as possible, prolly the first week of May, and head back to CA. There, I'll hopefully have an internship doing audio programming (in C, C++, Java, Supercollider, MAX/MSP), sound engineering (protools/digital performer), or sound design. (Resume coming very soon. hire me.) And then head back some time in august, possibly heading to the Michigan womyn's Music Festival and maybe on to the Deep Listening Resteat and then finally to NYC, where I'll be crashing with Jess. So big questions surround poor little Xena.

If I have an internship, I'm going to need to find a daily afternoon dog walker. And then, what to do with her during august. Even if I skip music festivals, I'm still going to need a place for her while I'm in NY. So I've got at least two options of where to put her for the summer. One is to send her where she went for winter break and one to send her to spring break lodging and in both cases, I'd give slightly less than 50% odds that I'd get her back. I barely got her back from winter break. She's very happy when she goes to see these people. They have space for her to run and other dogs and one has kids and the other has a farm. she's prolly a lot happier there than she is lurking in my house with no dog contact and insufficient exercise. But she makes me really happy.

I wouldn't adopt a dog right now. Heck, I wouldn't adopt a cat right now. when I got her, I had a stable job, I was married, I owned my house. even then she didn't get walked enough all the time. It'll be harder to fit her into my swinging urban hipster lifestyle when I come back. My current thought is "I'll find a way." and drive her back to CA and then drop her off maybe with her spring break sitter when I get back to the east coast. But maybe I shouldn't have a dog at all....

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