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Commission Music
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Thursday, 22 April 2004

how much sleep do i really need?

Less than 8 hours, moe than 4-5 of been getting. too bad. i liked having all those extra hours.

How much time do I have left at school?

And today, I suddenly realized how alarmingly close to May 4th it is. good lord. I must write a 5 minute piece or two sutibale for playing out of mono parking lot speakers by monday. and then i got ta stuff and my 20 page paper that i should start researching. yes, i should. none of those are due till the 14, but the faster i get done, the faster i can go home.

and now, i think i'm going to take some action regarding my sleep defecit, despite that i have no job lined up yet. alas. hire me. Resume.

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