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Commission Music
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Saturday, 22 May 2004

Creative Commons Liscence

Ok, let's talk copyright. Anything that you say or do that gets recorded somehow is copyrighted. So recording or writing down a new song is copyrighted. Making up a new songs and singing it in front of 500000 people is not copyrighted unless it's recorded. So copyright is somewhat stupid. Furthermore, all of your blog ranting is copyrighted. It belongs to you you you and nobody else. Which means that nobody can rip off your woe over Krispy Kreme's Atkins Woes and set it to music without having to first secure your permission and possibly pay you. This is somewhat stupid. Why is my ranting that I do over the telephone not copyrighted, so that anybody could overhear, find it amusing, later it somewhat to fit in meter and make it into a song, but my web ranting in a different class? Because of stupid copyright laws. Let's face it, most blog posts do not deserve copyright protection. They're on the order of found writing. So why give it copyright protection? Why not do a less restrictive copyright so other people can do stuff with it if they feel somehow inspired? Creative Commons License
All text on this website, with the exception of poetry and song lyrics, is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Check it out!

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