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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 4 May 2004

Got flight

May 12 Wed BDL-OAK Southwest Airlines Flight 278 Depart Hartford (BDL) at 4:55 PM Arrive in Oakland (OAK) at 10:25 PM

Need: ride from oakland. Also need use of large suitcase or duffel bag for the summer.

classes are OVER! woot. Now I just need to write longer 20 page paper about Joan of Arc's gender, clean up and document some supercollider code, and document doing stuff with digital performer. at the risk of getting a reputation for being a total slacker, tho, there is no serious deadline on the last one before fall. I should talk to Ron about it. I want to do really good docs and not rush them, and I can do them from my own little laptop, mostly.

Oh yes, and southwest is doing a one way fare sale, which actually also makes them the cheapest way to buy coastal round-trip tickets if your dates are more than seven days and less than two weeks off. and by far the cheapest one-way fare. if you are a wes musician, i can try to get you west coast gigs. i may be hosting a living room concert series in my own berkeley home. fyi

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