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Thursday 6 May 2004


Check tommorrow at 8:00 EDT: That's 5:00 PM on the west coast, btw. The stream will be archived for posterity, btw.

It's just me jamming on my modular. People are more excited about seeing the synth than anything else, I think. I've never played it in front of anyone before. I use it for tape music. Because it takes up a long time to set up a patch and then it's just one sound. Normally, I'll spend half an hour setting up a patch and the record it for 10 minutes and repeat the process 8 times to make a 5-10 minute piece. It's a nice way to work, building up layers, doing sections. By the time I have everything recorded, I usually know what the mix will be, so it takes me another 20 minutes or so to mix. then I have a new piece of tape music. Woot. In this case however, I need to set up faster, I guess, and come up with a patch that is interesting by itself. I've been practicing a bit. I dunno how much I can plan in advance. I know I'm going to build up a chaos patch and use that, cuz they're interesting. After that? Hopefully people will dig it.

Wine, Women and Song

Yesterday was the last day of classes. Today was something called Spring Filng. Outdoor concert with 21934325146723 undergrads swarming like ants. Stopped by for a minute. I've been drinking and whatnot since the afternoon. woot. So I've started my summer in the wine dept. Tommorrow night is song. And my still lurking Joan of Arc paper will have to do for women. I need to get that dern thing written. Or hell, maybe I'll get groupies from my synth gig. heh.

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