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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 22 June 2004


Cousin just died. Mom's birthday. Bought a bike to make myself feel better. I mean, I think it's a handy and useful bike, but anyway. Went to concert in a columbarium / mausoleum. Saw my bass teacher play. he is so great. walked around a bit. ran away and got food with Cola and Mitch. Came back to see Ellen play. She played very well. Felt overwhelmed by death. Went to Cato's. Got drunk. Mitch took me to retrieve new bike from home. Went to Cola's house. Imbibed further. Ameliorated the crushing pain of existence.

Woke up this morning and Cola's apartment is very messy. It's small and gets messy easily and cleans up fast. But it's drunk messy the next morning. Felt like ugh. Stumbled around the apartment finding my clothes, feeling queasy. Biked back to truck. Drove home. Felt like barfing. Emailed bass teacher to say I was sick and would miss this mornings lesson.

I think that I'm not on the right track right now. no. now i will sleep.

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