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Sunday 6 June 2004


The American Composers Forum is sponsoring a Christmas Carol Contest. They're looking for music for choral groups, SATB (Sopranao, Alto, Tenor, Bass). Lyrics can have a winter or a Christmas theme and must either be public domain or have written permission of the author.

So I'm having a contest too. Write lyrics! I'm looking for mostly winter or Solstice themed, but feel free to submit Christmas lyrics too. One lucky person will have their lyrics set to music and submitted to this contest. Woot. Also, I will endeavor to find a performance of the work in another venue in the case that it doesn't win the contest... You will receive a copy of the sheet music, a recording of whatever performance I can put together, all the benefits of being a lyracist, um, and other fun things, like, um, dinner.

The deadline for turning in the music is September, but obviously, I need lyrics well in advance of that. Send as many sets of words as you want. Thenk you


Anonymous said...

no lyrics here.
i'd love to do some 4-part arrangements, though!


Jean Sirius said...

i found one with snow in, but it's about candlemas, which is feb. 2. want it?

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