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Wednesday 14 July 2004

Catching Terrorists

Of course, we don't have to delay the election if we can just catch the evil doers ahead of time. I mean, then terrorists can't, um, interfere with our democratic processes and Bush gets major props from fearful voters. Wouldn't it be great if Pakistan caught some important bad guys soon, like during the democratic convention? A July Surprise! Or right before the election? Why, we might reward them with a bunch of stuff, like say, maybe there could be scenario like: "Powell designated Pakistan a major non-nato ally, a status that allows its military to purchase a wider array of U.S. weaponry. Powell pointedly refused to criticize Musharraf for pardoning nuclear physicist A.Q. Khan--who, the previous month, had admitted exporting nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea, and Libya--declaring Khan's transgressions an "internal" Pakistani issue. In addition, the administration is pushing a five-year, $3 billion aid package for Pakistan through Congress over Democratic concerns about the country's proliferation of nuclear technology and lack of democratic reform." Actually, this already happened. Pakistan wants stuff, so they can be more of a threat to India. We want them to catch some bad guys. We've got some good dates in mind.

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