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Wednesday, 28 July 2004

Meanwhile, Back in Afghanistan

Remeber Afghanistan? things are going badly. How badly? Doctors Without Borders is leaving. They've been there for 24 years. They were there during the war with the USSR. they were there under the Taliban. They go to all sorts of dangerous, hostile, war-torn places. But Afghanistan has gotten too unsafe.

[Doctors Without Borders] accused US-led forces in Afghanistan of using humanitarian aid for "military and political motives". The US military rejected the claims.

And it's our fault. We put them in harms way. We politicized helping the sick and dying. We used humanitarian aid as a weapon.

Hey, what about our Afghan exit strategy? When are we going to let the UN take over and get the hell out and let them rebuild their country with the help of NGOs and aid groups? What about that other dirty Bush war? How many people in Afghanistan have to die so we can get rid of a "brutal regeime" that we used to back and gave money and arms to? It seems like an auful lot of thugs are our current or former allies. and there's a reason for that. Human rights violations are directly linked to US Foreign aid. The more you abuse, the more money you're likely to get.

There's a lot that's similar betwen Afghanistan and Iraq. And Afghanistan has the largest number of refugees living outside it's borders. More pople have fled Afghanistan than any other country. And that trend is nto stopping. Maybe, after a few years of our presence in Iraq, Iraqis can give them a run for their money. How much devestation is enough? When will we leave?

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