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Tuesday 20 July 2004

P5 Glove

P5 and Supercollider

If you made a gesture, what would it mean? a Glove is like a fader box, or a pencil. It's a tool, not an idea. I have the technology, now I need an idea. When I write my program of doom, what will it do?


Anonymous said...

you could, um
1) make it transcribe fingerspelling into a text file
2) wear it while you play your bass-- depending on what finger you played a note with, it'd harmonize with the note you were playing... like... if you play a note with your first finger, it'd interpret your bass note as the third (first inversion); second finger: the root; third finger: fifth (second inversion); pinky: third inversion of a seventh chord, of course. you'd have to come up with a way to tell it what key you wanted to play in, of course.
3) while you're playing your bass as described in 2), you use another glove on your right had to
a) play drums
b) change keys
c) both

Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg said...

ack. i used to be so much better at supercollider. now i'm really scared of supercollider again, but i am stoppin gthis web design stuff and going back to grad school.

so, how did you find out about the glove? is this possible only b/c the glove can output OSC, or could you get any external control device to output OSC? does this mean it's easier to use SC with motion sensors and stuff like that?

Anonymous said...

Somebody wrote an OSC driver for the glove, which makes it possible to interface with SuperCollider.

There are two ways to get a device to talk to SC. One is to get the device driver to generate OSC, which is an excellent soultion, as it can be used with any OSC-supporting program. The other is to write c++ code into supercollider to talk to the device, so that when you compile SC, you also compile in the code. This is a bit more difficult.

Sensors that are designed for muscians, such as the iCubeX have already implemented one or more of these solutions. Note that if somebody writes code for jMax to communicate with a peripheral device, it is possible to write additional code for jMax to send data from the peripheral device to SC or another program via OSC. Meaning anything that can speak both to the peripheral and generate OSC can act as a translator so that OSC-understanding programs can get data from the device.

Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg said...

Thanks! That's very helpful!

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