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Wednesday, 21 July 2004

Social grid

Rememeber the geek code? You put a bunch of symbols in your .plan that indicated your proficiency with various computer langauges and gave other geeky stats bout you? It has been re-invented as the "google searchable" Social Grid. Part geek code. Part friendster. I'm posting my code here. It's in an alphabeta sort of stage (tell a friend). Some things I would have indicated, I couldn't, but whatever. Here it is:

SocialGrid ID Code
AG28 CT186 ET24 LG006 CT186 ET24 LG052 ST00006 ET24 LG006 ST00006 ET24 LG052 CN06001 ET24 LG006 CN06001 ET24 LG052 CI000376 ET24 LG006 CI000376 ET24 LG052 GL01 GL02 GL04 GL09 GL10 GL11 HT70 IT000179 IF4 IT000062 IF5 IT000322 IF3 IT000371 IF2 IT000125 IF1 IT000137 IF2 MU13 TV000159 TV000067 MV000632 MV000046 MV000039 MV000035 MV000119 MV000027 MV000011 AU000212 AU000181 MG000152 IC00012 IC00017 IC00019 IC00014 HS000340 HSY1994 HSA012 CL00287 CLY1998 CLD0061 CLD0189 CLA017 GS00288 GSY2005 GSD0190 JI024 JS1 JI013 JS2 JT00025 JTS1 JT00040 JTS2 JT00093 JTS1 GD2 GP2 MS2 BT1 EY2 HA2 PA3 PI1 EL6 AL3 CG2 SM1 AC2 FO1 EC4 RL2 MR3 HC1 RG11 RS2 SP2 PL6 AV3 IQ4 EQ2 OP1 EN2 RT3 HM3 AT1 WT2 MT3 LT2 ML2 IP2 CP3 RM2 AF3 ZS01 GD2 GP2 MS2 BT1 EY2 HA2 PA3 PI1 EL6 AL3 CG2 SM1 AC2 FO1 EC4 RL2 MR3 HC1 RS2 SP2 PL6 AV3 IQ4 EQ2 OP1 EN2 RT3 HM3 AT1 WT2 MT3 LT2 ML2 IP2 CP3 RM2 AF3 ZS01 gtAG18 gtAG19 gtAG20 gtAG21 gtAG22 gtAG23 gtAG24 gtAG25 gtAG26 gtAG27 ltAG29 ltAG30 ltAG31 ltAG32 ltAG33 ltAG34 ltAG35 ltAG36 ltAG37 ltAG38 ltAG39 ltAG40 ltAG41 ltAG42 ltAG43 ltAG44 ltAG45 ltAG46 ltAG47 ltAG48 ltAG49 ltAG50 ltAG51 ltAG52 ltAG53 ltAG54 ltAG55 ltAG56 ltAG57 ltAG58 ltAG59 ltAG60 ltAG61 ltAG62 ltAG63 ltAG64 ltAG65 ltAG66 ltAG67 ltAG68 ltAG69 ltAG70 ltAG71 ltAG72 ltAG73 ltAG74 ltAG75 ltAG76 ltAG77 ltAG78 ltAG79 ltAG80 ltAG81 ltAG82 ltAG83 ltAG84 ltAG85 ltAG86 ltAG87 ltAG88 ltAG89 ltAG90 ltAG91 ltAG92 ltAG93 ltAG94 ltAG95 ltAG96 ltAG97 ltAG98 ltAG99 gtHT48 gtHT49 gtHT50 gtHT51 gtHT52 gtHT53 gtHT54 gtHT55 gtHT56 gtHT57 gtHT58 gtHT59 gtHT60 gtHT61 gtHT62 gtHT63 gtHT64 gtHT65 gtHT66 gtHT67 gtHT68 gtHT69 ltHT71 ltHT72 ltHT73 ltHT74 ltHT75 ltHT76 ltHT77 ltHT78 ltHT79 ltHT80 ltHT81 ltHT82 ltHT83 ltHT84 ltHT85 ltHT86 ltHT87 ltHT88 ltHT89 ltHT90 ltHT91 ltHT92 ltHT93 ltHT94 ltHT95 ltHT96 gtPA1 gtPA2 ltPA4 ltPA5 gtEL1 gtEL2 gtEL3 gtEL4 gtEL5 ltEL7 ltEL8 gtAL1 gtAL2 ltAL4 gtCG1 ltCG3 ltCG4 ltCG5 ltSM2 ltSM3 ltSM4 ltSM5 gtAC1 ltAC3 ltFO2 ltFO3 ltFO4 gtEC1 gtEC2 gtEC3 gtRL1 ltRL3 ltRL4 gtPO1 ltPO3 ltPO4 ltPO5 gtPO1 ltPO3 ltPO4 ltPO5 gtAV1 gtAV2 ltAV4 gtIQ1 gtIQ2 gtIQ3 gtIQ1 ltIQ3 ltIQ4 ltOP2 ltOP3 ltOP4 gtEN1 ltEN3 ltEN4 gtRT1 gtRT2 ltRT4 gtHM1 gtHM2 ltHM4 ltAT2 ltAT3 ltAT4 gtWT1 ltWT3 ltWT4 gtMT1 gtMT2 ltMT4 gtLT1 ltLT3 ltLT4 gtML1 ltML3 ltML4 gtIP1 ltIP3 ltIP4 gtCP1 gtCP2 ltCP4 gtRM1 ltRM3 ltRM4 gtAF1 gtAF2 ltAF4 rAG1729 rAG1730 rAG1731 rAG1732 rAG1733 rAG1734 rAG1735 rAG1736 rAG1737 rAG1738 rAG1739 rAG1740 rAG1741 rAG1742 rAG1743 rAG1744 rAG1745 rAG1746 rAG1747 rAG1748 rAG1749 rAG1750 rAG1751 rAG1752 rAG1753 rAG1754 rAG1755 rAG1756 rAG1757 rAG1758 rAG1759 rAG1760 rAG1761 rAG1762 rAG1763 rAG1764 rAG1765 rAG1766 rAG1767 rAG1768 rAG1769 rAG1770 rAG1771 rAG1772 rAG1773 rAG1774 rAG1775 rAG1776 rAG1777 rAG1778 rAG1779 rAG1780 rAG1781 rAG1782 rAG1783 rAG1784 rAG1785 rAG1786 rAG1787 rAG1788 rAG1789 rAG1790 rAG1791 rAG1792 rAG1793 rAG1794 rAG1795 rAG1796 rAG1797 rAG1798 rAG1799 rAG17100 rAG1829 rAG1830 rAG1831 rAG1832 rAG1833 rAG1834 rAG1835 rAG1836 rAG1837 rAG1838 rAG1839 rAG1840 rAG1841 rAG1842 rAG1843 rAG1844 rAG1845 rAG1846 rAG1847 rAG1848 rAG1849 rAG1850 rAG1851 rAG1852 rAG1853 rAG1854 rAG1855 rAG1856 rAG1857 rAG1858 rAG1859 rAG1860 rAG1861 rAG1862 rAG1863 rAG1864 rAG1865 rAG1866 rAG1867 rAG1868 rAG1869 rAG1870 rAG1871 rAG1872 rAG1873 rAG1874 rAG1875 rAG1876 rAG1877 rAG1878 rAG1879 rAG1880 rAG1881 rAG1882 rAG1883 rAG1884 rAG1885 rAG1886 rAG1887 rAG1888 rAG1889 rAG1890 rAG1891 rAG1892 rAG1893 rAG1894 rAG1895 rAG1896 rAG1897 rAG1898 rAG1899 rAG18100 rAG1929 rAG1930 rAG1931 rAG1932 rAG1933 rAG1934 rAG1935 rAG1936 rAG1937 rAG1938 rAG1939 rAG1940 rAG1941 rAG1942 rAG1943 rAG1944 rAG1945 rAG1946 rAG1947 rAG1948 rAG1949 rAG1950 rAG1951 rAG1952 rAG1953 rAG1954 rAG1955 rAG1956 rAG1957 rAG1958 rAG1959 rAG1960 rAG1961 rAG1962 rAG1963 rAG1964 rAG1965 rAG1966 rAG1967 rAG1968 rAG1969 rAG1970 rAG1971 rAG1972 rAG1973 rAG1974 rAG1975 rAG1976 rAG1977 rAG1978 rAG1979 rAG1980 rAG1981 rAG1982 rAG1983 rAG1984 rAG1985 rAG1986 rAG1987 rAG1988 rAG1989 rAG1990 rAG1991 rAG1992 rAG1993 rAG1994 rAG1995 rAG1996 rAG1997 rAG1998 rAG1999 rAG19100 rAG2029 rAG2030 rAG2031 rAG2032 rAG2033 rAG2034 rAG2035 rAG2036 rAG2037 rAG2038 rAG2039 rAG2040 rAG2041 rAG2042 rAG2043 rAG2044 rAG2045 rAG2046 rAG2047 rAG2048 rAG2049 rAG2050 rAG2051 rAG2052 rAG2053 rAG2054 rAG2055 rAG2056 rAG2057 rAG2058 rAG2059 rAG2060 rAG2061 rAG2062 rAG2063 rAG2064 rAG2065 rAG2066 rAG2067 rAG2068 rAG2069 rAG2070 rAG2071 rAG2072 rAG2073 rAG2074 rAG2075 rAG2076 rAG2077 rAG2078 rAG2079 rAG2080 rAG2081 rAG2082 rAG2083 rAG2084 rAG2085 rAG2086 rAG2087 rAG2088 rAG2089 rAG2090 rAG2091 rAG2092 rAG2093 rAG2094 rAG2095 rAG2096 rAG2097 rAG2098 rAG2099 rAG20100 rAG2129 rAG2130 rAG2131 rAG2132 rAG2133 rAG2134 rAG2135 rAG2136 rAG2137 rAG2138 rAG2139 rAG2140 rAG2141 rAG2142 rAG2143 rAG2144 rAG2145 rAG2146 rAG2147 rAG2148 rAG2149 rAG2150 rAG2151 rAG2152 rAG2153 rAG2154 rAG2155 rAG2156 rAG2157 rAG2158 rAG2159 rAG2160 rAG2161 rAG2162 rAG2163 rAG2164 rAG2165 rAG2166 rAG2167 rAG2168 rAG2169 rAG2170 rAG2171 rAG2172 rAG2173 rAG2174 rAG2175 rAG2176 rAG2177 rAG2178 rAG2179 rAG2180 rAG2181 rAG2182 rAG2183 rAG2184 rAG2185 rAG2186 rAG2187 rAG2188 rAG2189 rAG2190 rAG2191 rAG2192 rAG2193 rAG2194 rAG2195 rAG2196 rAG2197 rAG2198 rAG2199 rAG21100 rAG2229 rAG2230 rAG2231 rAG2232 rAG2233 rAG2234 rAG2235 rAG2236 rAG2237 rAG2238 rAG2239 rAG2240 rAG2241 rAG2242 rAG2243 rAG2244 rAG2245 rAG2246 rAG2247 rAG2248 rAG2249 rAG2250 rAG2251 rAG2252 rAG2253 rAG2254 rAG2255 rAG2256 rAG2257 rAG2258 rAG2259 rAG2260 rAG2261 rAG2262 rAG2263 rAG2264 rAG2265 rAG2266 rAG2267 rAG2268 rAG2269 rAG2270 rAG2271 rAG2272 rAG2273 rAG2274 rAG2275 rAG2276 rAG2277 rAG2278 rAG2279 rAG2280 rAG2281 rAG2282 rAG2283 rAG2284 rAG2285 rAG2286 rAG2287 rAG2288 rAG2289 rAG2290 rAG2291 rAG2292 rAG2293 rAG2294 rAG2295 rAG2296 rAG2297 rAG2298 rAG2299 rAG22100 rAG2329 rAG2330 rAG2331 rAG2332 rAG2333 rAG2334 rAG2335 rAG2336 rAG2337 rAG2338 rAG2339 rAG2340 rAG2341 rAG2342 rAG2343 rAG2344 rAG2345 rAG2346 rAG2347 rAG2348 rAG2349 rAG2350 rAG2351 rAG2352 rAG2353 rAG2354 rAG2355 rAG2356 rAG2357 rAG2358 rAG2359 rAG2360 rAG2361 rAG2362 rAG2363 rAG2364 rAG2365 rAG2366 rAG2367 rAG2368 rAG2369 rAG2370 rAG2371 rAG2372 rAG2373 rAG2374 rAG2375 rAG2376 rAG2377 rAG2378 rAG2379 rAG2380 rAG2381 rAG2382 rAG2383 rAG2384 rAG2385 rAG2386 rAG2387 rAG2388 rAG2389 rAG2390 rAG2391 rAG2392 rAG2393 rAG2394 rAG2395 rAG2396 rAG2397 rAG2398 rAG2399 rAG23100 rAG2429 rAG2430 rAG2431 rAG2432 rAG2433 rAG2434 rAG2435 rAG2436 rAG2437 rAG2438 rAG2439 rAG2440 rAG2441 rAG2442 rAG2443 rAG2444 rAG2445 rAG2446 rAG2447 rAG2448 rAG2449 rAG2450 rAG2451 rAG2452 rAG2453 rAG2454 rAG2455 rAG2456 rAG2457 rAG2458 rAG2459 rAG2460 rAG2461 rAG2462 rAG2463 rAG2464 rAG2465 rAG2466 rAG2467 rAG2468 rAG2469 rAG2470 rAG2471 rAG2472 rAG2473 rAG2474 rAG2475 rAG2476 rAG2477 rAG2478 rAG2479 rAG2480 rAG2481 rAG2482 rAG2483 rAG2484 rAG2485 rAG2486 rAG2487 rAG2488 rAG2489 rAG2490 rAG2491 rAG2492 rAG2493 rAG2494 rAG2495 rAG2496 rAG2497 rAG2498 rAG2499 rAG24100 rAG2529 rAG2530 rAG2531 rAG2532 rAG2533 rAG2534 rAG2535 rAG2536 rAG2537 rAG2538 rAG2539 rAG2540 rAG2541 rAG2542 rAG2543 rAG2544 rAG2545 rAG2546 rAG2547 rAG2548 rAG2549 rAG2550 rAG2551 rAG2552 rAG2553 rAG2554 rAG2555 rAG2556 rAG2557 rAG2558 rAG2559 rAG2560 rAG2561 rAG2562 rAG2563 rAG2564 rAG2565 rAG2566 rAG2567 rAG2568 rAG2569 rAG2570 rAG2571 rAG2572 rAG2573 rAG2574 rAG2575 rAG2576 rAG2577 rAG2578 rAG2579 rAG2580 rAG2581 rAG2582 rAG2583 rAG2584 rAG2585 rAG2586 rAG2587 rAG2588 rAG2589 rAG2590 rAG2591 rAG2592 rAG2593 rAG2594 rAG2595 rAG2596 rAG2597 rAG2598 rAG2599 rAG25100 rAG2629 rAG2630 rAG2631 rAG2632 rAG2633 rAG2634 rAG2635 rAG2636 rAG2637 rAG2638 rAG2639 rAG2640 rAG2641 rAG2642 rAG2643 rAG2644 rAG2645 rAG2646 rAG2647 rAG2648 rAG2649 rAG2650 rAG2651 rAG2652 rAG2653 rAG2654 rAG2655 rAG2656 rAG2657 rAG2658 rAG2659 rAG2660 rAG2661 rAG2662 rAG2663 rAG2664 rAG2665 rAG2666 rAG2667 rAG2668 rAG2669 rAG2670 rAG2671 rAG2672 rAG2673 rAG2674 rAG2675 rAG2676 rAG2677 rAG2678 rAG2679 rAG2680 rAG2681 rAG2682 rAG2683 rAG2684 rAG2685 rAG2686 rAG2687 rAG2688 rAG2689 rAG2690 rAG2691 rAG2692 rAG2693 rAG2694 rAG2695 rAG2696 rAG2697 rAG2698 rAG2699 rAG26100 rAG2729 rAG2730 rAG2731 rAG2732 rAG2733 rAG2734 rAG2735 rAG2736 rAG2737 rAG2738 rAG2739 rAG2740 rAG2741 rAG2742 rAG2743 rAG2744 rAG2745 rAG2746 rAG2747 rAG2748 rAG2749 rAG2750 rAG2751 rAG2752 rAG2753 rAG2754 rAG2755 rAG2756 rAG2757 rAG2758 rAG2759 rAG2760 rAG2761 rAG2762 rAG2763 rAG2764 rAG2765 rAG2766 rAG2767 rAG2768 rAG2769 rAG2770 rAG2771 rAG2772 rAG2773 rAG2774 rAG2775 rAG2776 rAG2777 rAG2778 rAG2779 rAG2780 rAG2781 rAG2782 rAG2783 rAG2784 rAG2785 rAG2786 rAG2787 rAG2788 rAG2789 rAG2790 rAG2791 rAG2792 rAG2793 rAG2794 rAG2795 rAG2796 rAG2797 rAG2798 rAG2799 rAG27100 rHT4771 rHT4772 rHT4773 rHT4774 rHT4775 rHT4776 rHT4777 rHT4778 rHT4779 rHT4780 rHT4781 rHT4782 rHT4783 rHT4784 rHT4785 rHT4786 rHT4787 rHT4788 rHT4789 rHT4790 rHT4791 rHT4792 rHT4793 rHT4794 rHT4795 rHT4796 rHT4797 rHT4871 rHT4872 rHT4873 rHT4874 rHT4875 rHT4876 rHT4877 rHT4878 rHT4879 rHT4880 rHT4881 rHT4882 rHT4883 rHT4884 rHT4885 rHT4886 rHT4887 rHT4888 rHT4889 rHT4890 rHT4891 rHT4892 rHT4893 rHT4894 rHT4895 rHT4896 rHT4897 rHT4971 rHT4972 rHT4973 rHT4974 rHT4975 rHT4976 rHT4977 rHT4978 rHT4979 rHT4980 rHT4981 rHT4982 rHT4983 rHT4984 rHT4985 rHT4986 rHT4987 rHT4988 rHT4989 rHT4990 rHT4991 rHT4992 rHT4993 rHT4994 rHT4995 rHT4996 rHT4997 rHT5071 rHT5072 rHT5073 rHT5074 rHT5075 rHT5076 rHT5077 rHT5078 rHT5079 rHT5080 rHT5081 rHT5082 rHT5083 rHT5084 rHT5085 rHT5086 rHT5087 rHT5088 rHT5089 rHT5090 rHT5091 rHT5092 rHT5093 rHT5094 rHT5095 rHT5096 rHT5097 rHT5171 rHT5172 rHT5173 rHT5174 rHT5175 rHT5176 rHT5177 rHT5178 rHT5179 rHT5180 rHT5181 rHT5182 rHT5183 rHT5184 rHT5185 rHT5186 rHT5187 rHT5188 rHT5189 rHT5190 rHT5191 rHT5192 rHT5193 rHT5194 rHT5195 rHT5196 rHT5197 rHT5271 rHT5272 rHT5273 rHT5274 rHT5275 rHT5276 rHT5277 rHT5278 rHT5279 rHT5280 rHT5281 rHT5282 rHT5283 rHT5284 rHT5285 rHT5286 rHT5287 rHT5288 rHT5289 rHT5290 rHT5291 rHT5292 rHT5293 rHT5294 rHT5295 rHT5296 rHT5297 rHT5371 rHT5372 rHT5373 rHT5374 rHT5375 rHT5376 rHT5377 rHT5378 rHT5379 rHT5380 rHT5381 rHT5382 rHT5383 rHT5384 rHT5385 rHT5386 rHT5387 rHT5388 rHT5389 rHT5390 rHT5391 rHT5392 rHT5393 rHT5394 rHT5395 rHT5396 rHT5397 rHT5471 rHT5472 rHT5473 rHT5474 rHT5475 rHT5476 rHT5477 rHT5478 rHT5479 rHT5480 rHT5481 rHT5482 rHT5483 rHT5484 rHT5485 rHT5486 rHT5487 rHT5488 rHT5489 rHT5490 rHT5491 rHT5492 rHT5493 rHT5494 rHT5495 rHT5496 rHT5497 rHT5571 rHT5572 rHT5573 rHT5574 rHT5575 rHT5576 rHT5577 rHT5578 rHT5579 rHT5580 rHT5581 rHT5582 rHT5583 rHT5584 rHT5585 rHT5586 rHT5587 rHT5588 rHT5589 rHT5590 rHT5591 rHT5592 rHT5593 rHT5594 rHT5595 rHT5596 rHT5597 rHT5671 rHT5672 rHT5673 rHT5674 rHT5675 rHT5676 rHT5677 rHT5678 rHT5679 rHT5680 rHT5681 rHT5682 rHT5683 rHT5684 rHT5685 rHT5686 rHT5687 rHT5688 rHT5689 rHT5690 rHT5691 rHT5692 rHT5693 rHT5694 rHT5695 rHT5696 rHT5697 rHT5771 rHT5772 rHT5773 rHT5774 rHT5775 rHT5776 rHT5777 rHT5778 rHT5779 rHT5780 rHT5781 rHT5782 rHT5783 rHT5784 rHT5785 rHT5786 rHT5787 rHT5788 rHT5789 rHT5790 rHT5791 rHT5792 rHT5793 rHT5794 rHT5795 rHT5796 rHT5797 rHT5871 rHT5872 rHT5873 rHT5874 rHT5875 rHT5876 rHT5877 rHT5878 rHT5879 rHT5880 rHT5881 rHT5882 rHT5883 rHT5884 rHT5885 rHT5886 rHT5887 rHT5888 rHT5889 rHT5890 rHT5891 rHT5892 rHT5893 rHT5894 rHT5895 rHT5896 rHT5897 rHT5971 rHT5972 rHT5973 rHT5974 rHT5975 rHT5976 rHT5977 rHT5978 rHT5979 rHT5980 rHT5981 rHT5982 rHT5983 rHT5984 rHT5985 rHT5986 rHT5987 rHT5988 rHT5989 rHT5990 rHT5991 rHT5992 rHT5993 rHT5994 rHT5995 rHT5996 rHT5997 rHT6071 rHT6072 rHT6073 rHT6074 rHT6075 rHT6076 rHT6077 rHT6078 rHT6079 rHT6080 rHT6081 rHT6082 rHT6083 rHT6084 rHT6085 rHT6086 rHT6087 rHT6088 rHT6089 rHT6090 rHT6091 rHT6092 rHT6093 rHT6094 rHT6095 rHT6096 rHT6097 rHT6171 rHT6172 rHT6173 rHT6174 rHT6175 rHT6176 rHT6177 rHT6178 rHT6179 rHT6180 rHT6181 rHT6182 rHT6183 rHT6184 rHT6185 rHT6186 rHT6187 rHT6188 rHT6189 rHT6190 rHT6191 rHT6192 rHT6193 rHT6194 rHT6195 rHT6196 rHT6197 rHT6271 rHT6272 rHT6273 rHT6274 rHT6275 rHT6276 rHT6277 rHT6278 rHT6279 rHT6280 rHT6281 rHT6282 rHT6283 rHT6284 rHT6285 rHT6286 rHT6287 rHT6288 rHT6289 rHT6290 rHT6291 rHT6292 rHT6293 rHT6294 rHT6295 rHT6296 rHT6297 rHT6371 rHT6372 rHT6373 rHT6374 rHT6375 rHT6376 rHT6377 rHT6378 rHT6379 rHT6380 rHT6381 rHT6382 rHT6383 rHT6384 rHT6385 rHT6386 rHT6387 rHT6388 rHT6389 rHT6390 rHT6391 rHT6392 rHT6393 rHT6394 rHT6395 rHT6396 rHT6397 rHT6471 rHT6472 rHT6473 rHT6474 rHT6475 rHT6476 rHT6477 rHT6478 rHT6479 rHT6480 rHT6481 rHT6482 rHT6483 rHT6484 rHT6485 rHT6486 rHT6487 rHT6488 rHT6489 rHT6490 rHT6491 rHT6492 rHT6493 rHT6494 rHT6495 rHT6496 rHT6497 rHT6571 rHT6572 rHT6573 rHT6574 rHT6575 rHT6576 rHT6577 rHT6578 rHT6579 rHT6580 rHT6581 rHT6582 rHT6583 rHT6584 rHT6585 rHT6586 rHT6587 rHT6588 rHT6589 rHT6590 rHT6591 rHT6592 rHT6593 rHT6594 rHT6595 rHT6596 rHT6597 rHT6671 rHT6672 rHT6673 rHT6674 rHT6675 rHT6676 rHT6677 rHT6678 rHT6679 rHT6680 rHT6681 rHT6682 rHT6683 rHT6684 rHT6685 rHT6686 rHT6687 rHT6688 rHT6689 rHT6690 rHT6691 rHT6692 rHT6693 rHT6694 rHT6695 rHT6696 rHT6697 rHT6771 rHT6772 rHT6773 rHT6774 rHT6775 rHT6776 rHT6777 rHT6778 rHT6779 rHT6780 rHT6781 rHT6782 rHT6783 rHT6784 rHT6785 rHT6786 rHT6787 rHT6788 rHT6789 rHT6790 rHT6791 rHT6792 rHT6793 rHT6794 rHT6795 rHT6796 rHT6797 rHT6871 rHT6872 rHT6873 rHT6874 rHT6875 rHT6876 rHT6877 rHT6878 rHT6879 rHT6880 rHT6881 rHT6882 rHT6883 rHT6884 rHT6885 rHT6886 rHT6887 rHT6888 rHT6889 rHT6890 rHT6891 rHT6892 rHT6893 rHT6894 rHT6895 rHT6896 rHT6897 rHT6971 rHT6972 rHT6973 rHT6974 rHT6975 rHT6976 rHT6977 rHT6978 rHT6979 rHT6980 rHT6981 rHT6982 rHT6983 rHT6984 rHT6985 rHT6986 rHT6987 rHT6988 rHT6989 rHT6990 rHT6991 rHT6992 rHT6993 rHT6994 rHT6995 rHT6996 rHT6997 rPA04 rPA05 rPA06 rPA14 rPA15 rPA16 rPA24 rPA25 rPA26 rEL07 rEL08 rEL09 rEL17 rEL18 rEL19 rEL27 rEL28 rEL29 rEL37 rEL38 rEL39 rEL47 rEL48 rEL49 rEL57 rEL58 rEL59 rAL04 rAL05 rAL14 rAL15 rAL24 rAL25 rCG03 rCG04 rCG05 rCG06 rCG13 rCG14 rCG15 rCG16 rSM02 rSM03 rSM04 rSM05 rSM06 rAC03 rAC04 rAC13 rAC14 rFO02 rFO03 rFO04 rFO05 rEC05 rEC15 rEC25 rEC35 rRL03 rRL04 rRL05 rRL13 rRL14 rRL15 rPO03 rPO04 rPO05 rPO06 rPO13 rPO14 rPO15 rPO16 rPO03 rPO04 rPO05 rPO06 rPO13 rPO14 rPO15 rPO16 rAV04 rAV05 rAV14 rAV15 rAV24 rAV25 rIQ05 rIQ15 rIQ25 rIQ35 rIQ03 rIQ04 rIQ05 rIQ13 rIQ14 rIQ15 rOP02 rOP03 rOP04 rOP05 rEN03 rEN04 rEN05 rEN13 rEN14 rEN15 rRT04 rRT05 rRT14 rRT15 rRT24 rRT25 rHM04 rHM05 rHM14 rHM15 rHM24 rHM25 rAT02 rAT03 rAT04 rAT05 rWT03 rWT04 rWT05 rWT13 rWT14 rWT15 rMT04 rMT05 rMT14 rMT15 rMT24 rMT25 rLT03 rLT04 rLT05 rLT13 rLT14 rLT15 rML03 rML04 rML05 rML13 rML14 rML15 rIP03 rIP04 rIP05 rIP13 rIP14 rIP15 rCP04 rCP05 rCP14 rCP15 rCP24 rCP25 rRM03 rRM04 rRM05 rRM13 rRM14 rRM15 rAF04 rAF05 rAF14 rAF15 rAF24 rAF25


Version: 3.1
GCS/MU$ dx s+:- a- C++ UL/M++ P++ !L E- W++ N(+) !o K w--- !O M+++ V? 
PS+++ PE-- Y+ PGP->++ t+@ 5? X+ R- tv! b++ D++++@  !D G e++>+++$ !h r+ z* 


yesyouam said...

that's just creepy.

yesyouam said...

that id code looks like a core dump!
anyways, on to QAing your geek code:
did you make up "dx"? if so, that's clever.
i noticed that you're "s+:-" and i'm "s:--" but we're about the same height/weight. i think it's the gender factor.
isn't UM really UB?
also, (i think you might have explained this to me but i forgot) how can you have UL and !L both on there?
"tv!" should be "!tv".
by "D++++@", you mean "DI++++@" i think.
do i get geek points for this?