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Tuesday, 27 July 2004

What's going on right now in Iraq

Reccomended read The power is out. US troops are shooting people. The new government is looking increasingly like the old government in actions, but is directly controlled by the US. "No one knows how many Iraqis have died or are dying. British reporter Robert Fisk estimates nearly a 1,000 people a week are dying from crime, American errors, the settling of feuds, and other reasons." Nobody can travel. Snipers shoot everybody that moves. Up to 90% of prisoners (according to US estimates) are innocent, yet still we torture them.

some people say we need an "exit strategy" a way to get out without causing chaos. It's way too late for that. Maybe we could get the UN in and remove every single member of the "coalition of the willing," but how likely is that? Probably, we'll continue to use contractors (read: mercenaries) to pacify (read: muder until submission) the populace and keep our 4 or more permanent military bases. The cradle of civilization. An American shooting gallery.

Why do we do it? Why do we have the Phillipines for so long? Why did we slaughter Native Americans? Why did we feed Chinese children poisoned candy? In pursuit of power. Let's all go read 1984. Then let's go read some anarchists. Power is violence. The power of the state is the power of the sword: to kill or allow to live. International relations are eerily similar to the school yard bully. The US is big and bad and has some synchophants along who will beat Iraq for it's lunch money and savagely for that time it said, "no."

Will Kerry fix this? no. being in the street will fix it. revolution will fix it. we need to get out of Iraq now. The much-feared power vacuum has come to pass. We don't care about anything but killing communists and destroying the economy.

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