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Friday, 9 July 2004


Yesterday was the first day since getting the cold from hell that I've been able to stay awake all day without a nap. I feel sleepy right nw, but I'm fighting it. So there ya go. Go topless at Dyke March, get sick for a week and a half! bah. damn it all.

I keep having dreams about death and about my parents and especially about my mom. Ok, I'm ready to stop having those dreams now.

Yes, I feel all stressy right now, for no particular reason. Let me say to you, "grrr!" and also "grrrrr!"

Finally, I don't pretend to know the ultimate meanings of things in the universe, but I suspect that the relationships that we have with each other are ultimately more important for ourselves than any other factor. There are many things that are very important on a macro level, but on a micro, personal level, it's about getting along well with others. Which is why having flame wars with your friends is a stupid, bad idea. Yeah, there are somethings that you can't "agree to disagree" on: I think it is my duty to save you from eternal damnation by getting you to drop your silly life style choice. You have declared your love of Beanie Babies to be an intergral part of your identity. As long as nobody but the Beanie Babies are being harmed, we ought to part company. However, most things aren't worth ending friendships over.

Some people in the world are good writers. You can read some folks and laugh till you cry. You can read other folks and cry till you ... um.. laugh. Most of us are more verbal than literary. That means that when we communicate, we tend to rely on cues that do not come across on the printed page. It is possible for a good writer to convey tone. But most folks, alas, are not good writers. (Before you get offended, let me note, that you are good writer. I'm talking about other people. (also, some people are bad readers.)) What is my point here? People end up typing arguments that they would never have in a face to face conversation. And sometimes people end friendships over that.

I mean, hell, friendships and relationships in general don't last forever. But if you're going to end them, end them over something worthwhile. That's all I'm saying. Don't end a friendship because you can't convey tone well in your writing. That would be stupid.

Also: grrrrrrrrrr!


Anonymous said...


have you actually ever ended a friendship over disagreements? I've had one friendship on a mysterious note. Mysterious cuz i was young and the person stopped speaking to me but i don't remember why anymore. it makes me sad whenever i think about it.

But they started that one. I don't think I would ever argue like that. I do argue w/ friends though...too much...though never on philosophical, political subjects...and never on esperanto. Maybe because when you're face to face, there is a certain level of politeness involved among friends.

I think I like arguing, or as our parents like to say when they fight, *discussing* things w/ people. It's kind of hard though, cuz most of the time I don't personally have an opinion on the subject and argue just for argument's sake. Most people don't like that though hehe....

so when are you going back to school?


Les said...

I'm going to NYC around mid-august and hanging around there until school starts in the beginning of september.

we should hang out. call me.

i don't think i've ever ended a friendship over an esperanto-related flame war. :)