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Monday, 2 August 2004

calm down

i'm not voting for nader. i dunno if i'm voting for kerry.


Anonymous said...

hehehe. yes, everyone wants bush out of the office.....and though everyone says that kerry is going to win CA anyway, why bother vote, my thought on this is that you have to vote so that the media can say, kerry won by xx% in CA. just so we can show the big numbers.

i mean, as it is, it scares me that the country is still close to 50-50 when it comes to deciding to vote between bush or kerry. I wish the numbers would skew more one way.


yesyouam said...

when you've got an incumbent president, it always stays very close up until the final week before election day. then it slides hard.

tune out from the polls for a while.

Jesse said...

incidentally, the Green Party ticket for President/Vice President is Cobb/LaMarche. Nader, this time around, doesn't have any explicit connection to the Green Party or the Green Party platform. supporting his candidacy won't help build the Green Party.

The Green Party agenda kicks butt, and there's no harm in supporting a candidate like Cobb in a state like California where Kerry is a sure winner, but I can't really figure out what good Nader will do in this election cycle.