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Monday, 30 August 2004

I Love Biking in Manhattan

  1. No hills!
  2. Few cars!
  3. Taxis are less clueless than SUVs
  4. Excitement!
  5. Faster than subway or busses
  6. free
  7. get to see the sights

I was riding uptown. Cola was following me. We went past a bunch of the convetion hotels. Police had closed many of the side streets. Cabs were darting around, but the busses weren't stopping. I was going the same speed as the slow lane. Cars cutting around. A cab stopped in front of me but the doors didn't open in my path. It's scary and fun. Coming back, we went through an empty Times Square. Garbage trucks were scooting around. There was goo in the streets from where sidewalks had been hosed off. I got a drop of something sour and foul in my mouth and was spitting on the way back. Semi trucks rumbling around. Traffic was moving faster, since there was no hold up. Scarier. But I felt safer than I would in San Francisco. The drivers are professionals. They're paying attention, even if many of them are on speed.

Things I love about NYC

Every street is famous. Every corner had a famous event, a famous club, a famous person some piece of history, dripping from every location like water from the air conditioners. I love the subway. I love that I can hear the insects in Central Park when biking by. I love the teeny galleries, the little parks, the nighborhoods. I love that there are a billion extremely talented muscians all over the darn place and a billion venues and some of them even seem to have funding.

on the other hand

the city is cooking. It's being steamed. My skin is sticky. The urine on the sidewalk is heating and rising. The particulate matter is sticking to my skin. The rents are insane. I have to be on all the time, dealing with strangers, navigating a downtown, being aware of my surroundings. The city is overwhelming huge. How long would it take to bike away?

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