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Monday, 2 August 2004

Photo Library Feed

I've now got an XML Feed of my photo library updates. You can also add it to your Live Jounral Friends Page. I wrote the script to generate the XML. It's having some issues, but I feel like it should work the next time the news aggregator looks for an update. Camino is cool because it gives you error statements and is helpful for debugging XML

I would like to say that iPhoto's export feature /ought/ to be able to only export changed files, to be able to publish them (via scp) to my server, to keep track of an XML feed and to allow me to modify the HTML template it uses for publishing. Instead, I've got a mess of bash scripting and some perl and end up copying a bunch of files by hand. bah.


goat said...

all the photos you post of me depress me. sigh.

yesyouam said...

hrm. i just see the tags in plain text. (atom.xml viewed with firefox 0.9)