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Commission Music
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Monday, 23 August 2004


New York is perfectly lovely. There is a bit of a shortage of free wifi, but luckily, there's one cafe down the street from Jess' apartment which has it. The coffee here is pretty good by nyc standards, which are just different than the west coast and that's ok. I order a cup of coffee, not a latte. You'd be a fool to order a latte or to drink coffee without creamer in it. Jess is the perfect hostess and I've been spending time with her charming friends. Yesterday, the sister of my next host showed me how to light a fire with just a stick and some kindling. We did this in Central Park. She bowed a round astick ona piece of wodd and put the results in some kindling and it burst into flame. I was most impressed. I'm going to learn this skill, but maybe not in Central Park. If the end of the gran epoch or something is like y2k was supposed to be, I'm habign out with her. (The gran epoch: UNIX systems will run out of digits for date information in 2030. They count the number of miliseconds since 12:00 AM Janurary 1, 1970 GMT)

Unrelatedly, women who pee on the toilet seat are annoying, but women who do that in the handicapped stall are evil

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Timanna said...

maybe they pee on the seat because they are handicapped and are having trouble with the set up of the restroom or something.