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Sunday, 15 August 2004

todo listyness

well, i did all my errands except the computer padding. i faxed my tax documents off only to find out that the reason the irs decided that i owe them like three thousand dollars (ack) is because they never got my 2002 return. they owe me money from 2002, which is good. anyway, i had to drive down to los gatos to refile for 2002. this is why it's good to either have a tax accountant or to use turbo tax which keeps files around. i mailed the return, but they never got it. anyway. i got to see my dad yesterday, which is nice. didn't expect to. i must go off and get padding for my computer so it doesn't get trashed like mitch's did.

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Anonymous said...

i went to rei and bought a foam sleep pad (the lightweight packbacking kind) for just a few bucks and made a nice, snug little travel pack for my computer. the seams were duct tape. it worked very well and made me very happy.
have a safe trip.