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Sunday 5 September 2004


It is clearly Autumn in Connecticut. As I was driving back from droping Cola off at the airport to go home, I noticed many yellow trees with piles of leaves collecting bellow them. And trees with red sections, like wounds, where the leaves are dying but the rest of the tree is still fine. The insects are chirping, but dying like the leaves. It gets cold at night and it will get colder. way way way colder.

Everyone is back in town here. Classes start tomorrow. "Labor day" i guess is a holiday for the help, or blue collar types and not the independant ivy. Jess' boyfriend says that labor day was foinded to de-internationalize labor, because their old holiday, the one the rest of the world celebrates, is May Day, a remebrance of the Haymarket Massacre. Maybe we get May Day off.

Aaron, my housemate, has broken up with his long term gf, within the last week or so. I think it's ok to post this, as he's been telling everyone.

Jess has moved into India House.

I can't remember my way around Hartford. Like all the returning grads, I needed to get my car jumpstarted. People with jumper cables are in high demand. My bank account was depleted by my time in NYC. alas. I should draw up a budjet. It's the in thing to do. I need notebooks and pencils and a bookshelf.

My room continues to get more livable. Between you and me, I'm really dreading school. It's only 8 more months. Only 8 more months. It won't freeze right away. The weather is still lovely. I have no pappers to write yet. Only 8 more months to get through.

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