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Wednesday 22 September 2004

I just taught for the first time ever

I burned through insane amounts of material. I started with "hello world" and ended with "and this is how you declare default values for arguments to functions." whoah, yeah. I wonder if I'll see any of those kids again.

I think next week, I'll talk about some other stuff, like say what "integer" means or order of operations in math expressions.

Standing in front of 20 people, writing on the blackboard, trying to explain what a SynthDef is (an definition of a synthesizer architecture that runs on the audio server. ok, let me define all those terms.), god it's exhausting. i feel so burned still and it was hours ago and i ate half a pumpkin pie and drank a cup of tea. I think I need some compari or to go to sleep.

I'll post my notes later. All 7+ pages of them. Aaron said, "you've got the first chapter of a book there." Look out for SuperCollider for non-programmers coming out sometime later in my life. In the mean time, I'll be taking non-programmers and throwing them into the deep end of the pool , , , that's shark infested.

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