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Sunday 19 September 2004

my bathroom

So sometime last spring, when I was running around with too much to think about, I noticed that when my upstairs neighbors showered, after a few minutes of this, water would start to drip from my celiling. Not good, but a slow leak. I didn't have my lanlord's number over the summer, so I called her when I got back to school. She sent her son over, who instructed the upstairs nieghbors to run the shower. After a few minutes it started to leak from my celing, so he ripped a hole in the ceiling and shined a flashlight at the leaky pipe and said, "yep, that's a leak." This was over a week ago.

during the week, the hours that I've been in the house and awake are very different from the folks living on the second floor. Once, I heard them start to shower and without the ceiling there to absorb the leak, I noted that it started leaking faster and seemed to be in greater amount. Bah! The ceiling is crumbling and there's a huge hole! At least it's just their shower. . . right?

And this morning.... I heard a flush . . . and then a bunch of drops of water sort of sprayed out from the celing and landed across my tub.


I would like to note that this is how SARS spread in that one apartment building in China. Not that they prolly have SARS. But, you know, other cooties, Hepatitus, whatever. GAH!

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Anonymous said...

ewww ewww ewww...that's groddy, of your landlord.

If this were berkeley, you could complain to the rent board, right? or something. is there something similar in connecticut??


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