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Thursday, 28 October 2004

la servilatranslogxo de Diablejo

I'm feeling much better today. Which is good, because I'm in the midst of a disasterous server move. I managed to knock Tiffany's blog offline. (If you're looking for it, it's back up at and hopefully will get a www in the front of it soon.) I even managed to knock down christi's email for several days and she's not even on the ded server. Bah.

So anything you have for me at is no more. I don't have an email address there. I don't have a photolibrary there. I don't have anything, cuz the domain got killed. If you used to email me at, email me instead with the same username at If you are looking for my web presence, aside from this blog, it is now at My photo library is at My XML feed for pictures is now at so the silver lining is that i finally got my super-vanity domain off the ground. But I don't get email there yet, so don't email me there.

I registered the domain at because it's the cheepest place to register domains. Network solutions is pricey. However, gardenofmemory now has the wrong DNS servers listed. and the email address I used to register it was at xkey. So I can't log in. Fortunately, the service is owned by my Esperanto teacher, Ed. In case you're wondering, "Mi estas en la mezo de la servilatranslogxo de Diablejo" means (i hope) I am in the middle of the server move from hell. I think this is the first time I've written a plea for tech support in Esperanto.

I own Ironically, I sometimes feel bad for not doing anything with it. do you own a silly domain name? Maybe we can trade. Also, I've got gmail invites. Get 'em while they're not nearly as hot as they were.

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goat said...

i still own (the only one i actually use), (i think i still own it), and

i feel /really/ guilty not using the last one. i keep hoping that one day i will. the first time i met aaron, he got incredibly excited because just the night before he and his friends were wondering who owned