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Thursday, 21 October 2004


What has been going on the last couple of weeks? Well two weeks ago, I went home for the weeknd and played a gig at 21 Grand. A few folks came out to see me, wich was nice. I played some works in progress, including my Ann Coulter piece. Because most of the friendly experiencers who came were from my list, I got some of the door. I then blew all of the door money by going to Trio, a wonderful French place, where I got cheese and noodles and Sangria. I started eating cheese again for Trio and for Spettros and for brie and for good cheese. Yet, somehoe, I keep eating dairy products which are scary and bad. Can I be some sort of snob-an, where I only eat good cheese?

Officially, I was in town for the Other Minds Board Retreat. I think as a result of this retreat, we're going to re-write our mission statement.

Then I went back to Connecticut, where I attened classes and played at a House Concert on Wednesday night. I played my Ann Coulter piece (again), right before the presidential debate. Then I flew again to California for fall break. I did not take a week of classes off because I am a dedicated sudent.

In California again, I did only fun things and no school work. I bought some books and music. I went to the Famer's Market on Saturday, then went to a theme park. Matthryn, Cola and I spent six + hours at Great America. We rode threeo rollercoasters and did one thing where you drive cars in little circles. IT was oodles of fun. Then we went to Sue's in Mountain View for dinner. Sue died a couple of years ago, I just found out. Alas. Then we went to Lucy's Tea House. I love Lucy's tea house. Then we went back to Oakland to a place called the Mile High Club and saw Ratty's band The Cold War play. It was awesome. Ratty is such a rock star! The band reminded me of Bikini Kill. I want them to put out a record so that I can buy it.

Sunday, I woke up tired, no surprise. My mom died October 18th 2002. What do these dates mean? Her birthday? The day she had brain surgery? The day she died? I was unhappy. I skipped brunch and went back to bed. Then I got up at noon and went to Mitch's birthday party. The party started at noon. Cola and I walked to BART (20 minutes), then rode BART to Milbrae (1 hour), then rode Caltrain to Hillsdale (40 minute wait + half hour ride) then walked up the hill to Mitch's house (lost track of time) to get there at 4:30. oy. Ate cake. Drank beer. Got a ride from Sarah Dotie back to Bart. I wish I got to see Mitch more often.

Monday, went clothes shopping. Was ok. Then spent the afternoon with my dad. We ate food and drank coffee and hung out and then had dinner with Cola. Then all of us went to Mills to see Amelia Cuni play in the SongLines concert series. she is a wonderful singer. Part of the event was also pedagological. She gave out tons of information about her singing style. My dad mentioned that Seymore died last spring. I had no idea. My Dad told me that if I want to know who has died, I should ask Brother Bob.

Tuesday I got on a plane. Today, I went to class.

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Jean Sirius said...

"What do these dates mean?" they mean some of the times you feel inexplicably miserable are more explicable than others.

eventually, it eases up.

i promise.