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Thursday 25 November 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone is offline for the holiday except for me. My dad is here, but I still need to do things like check email, read blogs and do research. For example, according to Mondak, "When a listener cognitively processes weak arguments [in protest music], for example, counter-persuation is the probable result" (Mondak. "Protest Music As Political Persuasion." "Popular Music & Society" (vol. 12; no. 3; Fall 1988) : pp. 27) Hey, this is fabulously great news for me. Why? Because I think right-wing pundits have weak arguments. If I make music that presents their arguments, then people will probably be persuaded against them, meaning in my direction. Why form your own words when you can just use the words of your opponent? Woot.

My string quartet generated a piece of fan mail.

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