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Thursday 18 November 2004

i'm feeling hopeless

Dubya trshed the ABM treaty, so Russia's beuilding new nukes. (Note that Dubya said we needed to get rid of anti-nuklear proliferation treaties in order to fight terrorism as soon as he got in office, before we were at war with terrorism). Pundits say the way for Democrats to win is to become more fascist, and since they are not an ideologically driven party by any means, the new minority leader is an anti-choice Mormon. Anti-choice is called moderate. Time magazine thinsk this is a great idea. time magazine wants to put Bush's head on Mount Rushmore. Time magazine is owned by the far left AOL Time Warner Corporation. Time Magazine is as left as all the rest of the media, which was brave enough to defend the baselessly smeared swift boat vets. Sure, everything they said was a lie, but they were war heroes damnit, not like that pruple heart faking John Kerry. and the right wing owns fucking everything. And making pieces of music using evil things Rush Limbaugh says is not going to stop them, because it's like, I dunno, throwing a pebble at the tide to stop it. The cities and the rural areas hate eahc other and it's because of these pundits and they don't care if they drive everyone away and nobody votes again. The way to bridge this divide is with art, but cities have urban contemporary and rural areas have country music and there's not much common ground there, more like animosity. And how do you reach out artistically to somebody who likes Thomas Kinkade? But that sort of elitism urban-culture-is-superior will drive rural folks away, no matter how true it is goddamn it.

My first string quartet is being played this evening (November 18) at 8:00 at Crowell Concert Hall on the Wesleyan University Campus in Middletown, CT


Jean Sirius said...

urban vs. rural

as far as music goes, i always found it fascinating how much in common the blues has with country. in both cases, you know, there's an awful lot of whining...

sarah's been recommending george lakoff's "don't think of an elephant." i haven't read it yet, but she says it's given her hope.

there there there there there there there there there

Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

The third in my series of paintings in honor of my daughter Winsor, Lilac
Gazebo offers a special delight to the senses. Here the air is fragrant with the
heady perfume of lilacs. This tiny architectural gem nestled in a bower of
flowering lilacs is a romantic dream come true.

— Thomas Kinkade

How does he live with himself?

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Commission Music
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