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Saturday 13 November 2004


snow noun - Frozen preceiptiation in a six sided crystal shape. Myth has it that no two of them look alike, but they do strongly resemble those flat six spined sprinkles that you see on cupcakes.
verb this shit is falling on my head!

Two beers should not get me this drunk. I am a light weight. I bought some soynog and brandy today, apparently just in time for the weather, but i haven't drunk any yet. Porter is good for the winter. Coffee porter is good for being energetic and drunk. Just two pints, tho. For peets sake. one of those pints was an anchor steam liberty ale, which is cheep but not very good. better than pbr or budwiper, mind you. aparently it has something to it. or i've lost too much weight. one or the other. i think i should just go to sleep.


Jean Sirius said...

my vote's for weight.

eat. eat.


Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

liberty ale is thr cheepest beer at elis. and when it's snowing out, what i really want is a stout.

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