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Sunday 5 December 2004

comeeks / Salvation Army

Sunday Comic. (If you see this monday, hit the "previous comic" arrow) The Salvation Army is a religious Organization. they used to have a contract with the city of San Francisco to deliver meals to AIDS patients. But they lost that contract when the city passed a rule saying all contractors must provide domestic pertnership benefits. Because the Salvation Army thinks being gay is a big sin. So for years, I guess they dilvered those meals with a friendly, "here's dinner, you sinning fag." or what? So when the salvation army santa in the comic says, "I want to see an end to intolerance, injustice and prejudice." He means, against some people, but not all people. Some predjudice is a-ok. Boycott the salvation army. Give your money to a group that's really against prejudice instead. (Like the National Coalition for the Homeless or Food Not Bombs. Or a church that doesn't discriminate.)

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