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Saturday 11 December 2004

Fall Semester is done

So I thought I'd re-organize my photo library. I'm still ironing out bugs. But now I've got things organized by month which will hopefully greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to publish, since I don't need to re-publish the past. I also added comments to each and every photo, but I'm using document root comments, whichw ere easy to setup, but don't alert me when folks comment, so I guess I'll only see coments on those bored momemnts when I'm clicking theu my entire library, re-living my past. Whci I probably do more often than I should. But I'm proud of myself, regardless, since this is all manged by a perl script that I wrote. My photo library is managed entriely by iphoto + some shell scripts and a perl script. That includes my XML feed. programming is a lot more fun when either there is not right answer (for art) or nobody is making me do it. cuz theni only work on things that i'm interested in when i'm interested in them. I love grad school.

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