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Saturday 4 December 2004

Lynne Cheney's Sisters

I have just finished reading Lynne Chenney's terrifically auful pulp novel Sisters. Yes this is the "lesbian" romance that you've read about. I don't want to blow the whole thing for you, but there are no lesbians. Only sexless female victims. And one very male-dentified female lead. I could identify with her, maybe, [spolier!! skip to next paragraph if you don't want to know the ending] except for her over willingness to marry a xenophobic, poor-person-hating, vigilante-justice-(against poor folks for being poor)-supporting profiteer (who is male). But if her agreed with her on everything, that would be so boring. ahem. yes.

I did not find my copy of sisters on Nor on ebay. Not even at the Middletown library used book sale. I downloaded it from the internets and you can too: word document or PDF. Be forewarned that there's no hot juicy sex and it has all the pulp novel crap you would expect from V. C. Andrews. On the one hand. On the other hand, the heroine is 100% blue state, which is kind of interesting. She's even multi-racial, although how that ends up being treated by the end is . . . um . . . proplematic. The alien other is just not bound by conventional sexual mores, is she? too bad jazz music hadn't been invented in the time period of the book, or she could have listened to it.


well-written review from the democratic underground

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