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Saturday 25 December 2004

Merry Christmas

Here is a carol for you. It's a bit tuneless. I wass going to Phase Modulate the lyrics with the melody, but I couldnt figure out how to play a dern MIDI file. Also, I baked 372647914697216 cookies today. Cookies that are shaped like things are a a major pain. I spent hours rolling dough and refrigerating it after each rolling. Bah Humbug. I ate nothing but cookies today. And some noodles that I think might have been lurking in the cabinet for rather too long. Yay for carbs and fats. Maybe I'll eat a vegetable before I get scurvy. I need to get on some vitamins. If only chocolate soymilk were more fortified with things, I could live on it. You know they don't put calcium in silk soy nog. those bastards. that means i can't subsist on it or my bones will crumble to dust.

Being in cola's apartment without her is a bit weird. i wish i had my dog, because i have to walk her every few few hours, which thus necessitates things like going outside. Instead, I try (and fail) to send out documentation on how to spatialize sounds in supercollider using delay lines and differing amplitudes. Cola has been gone for two days and already i am a nocturnal hermit. I'm waiting up for Santa. I've got a whole bunch of cookies for him. No fireplace for him to gain access, though. Alas. My computer is too slow for spatialized quadraphonic sounds that exceed 100m distances! woe!

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