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Monday 31 January 2005

Chapter 1

I Immersive introduction / tutorial

            1. What is a programming language?  What is SuperCollider?

            2. Hello world

                        A. Starting the Program, running it, etc

            3. Function - computes Hz from ratio

                        A. Variables

                        B. Arguments

                        C. Math

                                    a. order of operations

            3. making sound with above function

                        A. Client / Server

                        B. SynthDef

                                    a. classes and objects

                                    b. messages / methods

                                    c. receiver notation

                                    d. Constructors

                                    e. OSC

                                    f. UGens

                        B. Synth

            4. making a Routine based on above

                        A. Envelopes


Much like the first chapter of K&R, this won't dwell on anything, but will go through things quickly. Subsequent chapters will address things in detail and will contain some repetition.

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