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Friday, 7 January 2005

Music: What's up with this stuff anyway?

Some of my readers are music people and some are non-music people. This post is for both groups. A few years ago, NPR did a series called American Mavericks. It's about the sort of music that I do, explaining the history of this sort of stuff in the Unites States, starting from the Colonial era. The series is accessible, entertaining and very informative. It is possible to stream them from the American Mavericks website. all the programs are an hour long. I've been listening to one nearly every morning. I feel very informed. It's cool. And it was made in San Francisco, so it's got a nice west coast sort of perspective on music that I've been missing in school. So if you want to know about this kind of music or you want to know where I'm coming from, this is a good thing to listen to.

And, I was surprised to hear the names of one of my fellow Wesleyan grad students mentioned in the program I'm listening to!! They just talked about the Toby Twining ensemble! I think they gave him a bit more time than they even gave Anthony Braxton. Wow. Although this isn't shocking when I think about it, cuz Toby is fairly brilliant and writes really cool stuff.

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