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Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Brick Walls

Went to talk to german professor about the exchange program I want to do. Asked about bringing Cola with me. Professor was less than helpful. Suggested that Cola move to the east coast, so it would be a short flight to germany and she could visit me on weekends. Cola was understandably less than pleased when I passed this along. I don't know anything about anything. I dunno how to find out. Talking to the people in charge of this is like banging my head into a brick wall. Frustrated.

apparently you have to register for apple care. they give you a little cardboard box that says "apple care" on it. in that box is a form you have to mail off. otherwise, you need to spend fxcking forever on the fxcking phone.

Half the software on my desktop is broken. Toast won't launch. the preview application won't launch, so i can't look at PDFs. I cannot figure out how to get the sound drivers to play nicely with SuperCollider. this machine was supposed to be a dedicated protools station. it's the only thing that works on it. My last operating system upgrade failed. It crashed part way through. the computer's fast enough, but it's an oddball machine and probably the new OS didn't get QAed on it. Everything on it is screwed up.

And . . . my advisor wants me to put aside my thesis project that i have thus far and instead re-implement all of my existing pieces in nicer-looking code. i've made less than stellar progress on this because my laptop is fucking dead goddamn it. And I get to spend hours re-coding things that already work. and i get the supreme joy of listening to ann coulter over and over and over again. Rated the 50th most loathsome person in america in 2004, BEAST magazine best describes my feeling towards her. they say, "we find our outrage slowly giving way to a baffled 'I can’t believe I used to go out with you' feeling." Exactly like that, except she's staying in my room until she gets back on her feet, shrieking at my dog about Bill Clinton for hours while I re-implement my piece as a Pbind.

In short, I'm going insane. but hey, things are still going way better than last year.


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