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Thursday 3 February 2005

Generic Blog Post

Unreasearched Political Opinion
The Iraqi elections were a complete sham

What I ate for lunch
toasted bagel with melted brie

Conversation I had with people you don't know or care about
Eric agreed to my schedule changes

Use of jargon
We're going to try making a different bunch of SDP files and experiment with putting them on the server to see if it improves the refresh rate.

Oversharing of personal information
My skin is so dry I've taken to rubbing olive oil into my elbows and i have to moisturize half my feet, but i still have athlete's foot on my toes!! why will it not go away??!!

Statement of Faith
I'm praying for peace in the Tamil region

Pontificating on the greatness of blogs
With this kind of enlightened commentary, the MSM (main stream media) will soon be completely replaced

Reactionary desire to reverse recent social trends
Remember the old days when the web was new and anybody could put up a web page about anything they knew about and if the content was good, it was just as valuable as a corporate website? I miss the old days of single-person-publishing having both research and content.


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