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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 8 February 2005

How do sounds make you feel?

Stressful sounds

  • Micheal Savage's voice
  • children / babies shrieking in pain
  • any shrieking sounds
  • certain intense repetitive noise sounds
  • dentist drill
  • sawtooth waves

Soothing sounds

  • woman singing lullaby
  • soft regular breathing of sleep
  • cat purring
  • ocean waves
  • just intoned sine waves?

What would you put on these lists?



Jean Sirius said...

near train sounds
high winds
torrential rain

distant train sounds
gentle breeze in tree
gentle rain

possibly more later.

Marek said...

Stressful Sounds
- rapidly typing keyboard
- barking dog
- person coughing
- nail file
- open mouth chewing
- refrigerator vibration at night
- a noisy second hand

Soothing Sounds
- silence

Anonymous said...

Stressful: Voice of George Bush

Peaceful: Voice of James Earl Jones