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Sunday, 6 February 2005

Polls - should I change this blog?

Should I rename this blog (not change the url) to something a bit more highbrow than "groovy zone"? (A trumpet player told me wednesday that playing tuba is not groovy. I was shocked. "Do you know the name of my website???!" I did not say.)

Should I perhaps separate music from politics from what-i-ate-for-lunch and have three blogs?

Is my genre "classical music"? Is tweaking Rush Limbaugh in the same category as Beethoven?

Answer in the comments, if you want to answer.

Unrelatedly, why does everyone want MAX teachers? They should want SuperCollider teachers. I met a guy over the weekend whose book on hacking hardware (for musical purposes) is going to be published by Rutledge. pretty cool.



Anonymous said...

Hey, It's me, trooper6--with no Blogspot account...and no motivation to sign up for one...but I wanted to comment on your post and you said not to do it on LJ. So here goes:

Why separate? Is Rush Limbaugh in the same category as Beethoven? Heck Yeah! Beethoven was a political composer. Beethoven was about politics...and now there are all sorts of politics in the industry and study of Beethoven. As for what you ate for lunch...that is personal...and as we know the personal is political! So yes! It all goes together in one big political sandwich of Beethoven/Rush on Rye! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!! And without a doubt all of it is need to change the name or the format.

As for the MAX thing...I like MAX.

cxjo said...

i fear change... so yes.